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You have found the internet's most comprehensive source for sand sculpting tools -- geared for all levels of ability from rank beginner to established pro.
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If you find yourself on beautiful South Padre Island any time soon, consider taking a private or group sand castle lesson with the SoBs. (If that sounds like fun but Texas is not in your plans, we maintain a list of instructors in other areas right here ;-)

Q. Well, I've just recieved my book. After a couple of days in the sand box, my knees are ate up. Do you have any tips for that? Love the book, after years of failed attempts.... Success. YEAH.

A. =)
You must be working in some really grainy sand!
Amazin' Walter straps on a pair of knee pads before getting started.... or you could try one of those plastic-coated cushions they sell to gardeners.

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