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Our home beach - located off the Texas Gulf Coast on beautiful South Padre Island - may be small (only 2000 year round residents) but it has a lot of very loyal fans. Some folks have even called it "addicting."

This wing of the SoB ShoP is for people who love South Padre Island and are always looking for new ways to take a little piece of it back home with them.

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Today's Menu of SPI Goodness

Give a Sandcastle Party - A gift certificate goes with everything (and "ships" via e-mail)

Spring Break: A View from the Judge's Bench by SPI Judge David Colwell - $23.50 (includes shipping)

Sandcastles Made Simple by South Padre Island's own sand castle lady - sandy feet - $21.50 (includes shipping)

Silver Hooktail Charms/Chains from Amazin' Walter - $25.00

Stuff From The Island

You just can't have too much of it. Because some day you are going to figure out a way to telecommute and then you will be able to move to the island and live the good life with the rest of us simple, contented spislanders.

Until that happy day arrives, here are some spisland goodies that will help keep you focused on the end goal -- and get you through the times when you have to be somewhere other than SPI.

Judge David Colwell's Spring Break Book

Judge David Colwell sees an average of 25 repentant drunks every morning. "They're pretty respectful of the process by the time I see them," said Colwell. "A night in the drunk tank tends to do that for you."

-San Antonio Express

Judge Colwell runs a relaxed courtroom. He enters with his tennis shoes showing underneath his black judicial robe and maintains an aura of impariality mixed with a bit of fatherly concern. He has the aura of a kindly professor, and judicial proceedings are half civics lesson as he gives students explanatory details after finding them guilty.

- Port Isabel Press

I hear this book as been declared "too raunchy" to be sold at SPI's upscale boutiques, though you can buy it locally at Ship Shape. That is when I decided that I not only needed my own signed copy, but that I had to sell and market the book on my website.

-sandy feet, SoB

sandy feet's NEWest sand castle book!

Yes, it is my third try at explaining this stuff, and I do believe I have finally gotten it right. This book does a better job of explaining the art of handstacking towers, walls and arches.This book features whole chapters on carving softpacked sand and using forms to achieve new personal records in height and mass. Many techniques explored in these pages are geared for older kids and adults - there is even a chapter on how to prepare for - and maybe even win! an amateur sand castle contest. But I haven't forgotten the littlest sandcastlers -- the book includes tips for involving the tiniest of hands and even some dedicated projects for you to try with your toddler.

Finally, it is beautiful! Hardcover,128 pages chucky-jam-full of color photos (shot by the talented Jamey Fountain.) Makes a great gift for the beach lover in your life!

Ye Olde Hookt Tale: The Arrow Points to our Favorite Beach!

Amazin' Walter put the "hooked tail" on Texas several decades ago, and shortly thereafter he started hanging his hooktails around the necks of his friends and, eventually, other SPI lovers from around the world. We have heard tell of hooktail wearers spotting other SPI lovers in such faraway places as Dallas and San Antonio. Isn't it about time to ... join the club*?

*Okay. It isn't really a club... I mean, not like the red hat ladies or the Island Idiots. We don't have meetings or anything. We just do our best to have fun, help others have fun and unlitter.

The basic sterling silver "Hooktail Texas" is finally a stock item in this shop and may be purchased right here for just $25.00 - click for more

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