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Exciting changes are happening to our line of professional sand carving tools. Read the FAQ about our customizable handles, then take a look at Amazin' Walter's new "Tri-Tool" and "Bi-Tool" and sandy feet's favorite "Lettering Tool"

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The Most Comprehensive Source of Sand Carving Tools in the WORLD!

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Tools a la carte

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SoB Stainless Tool Sets

deluxe sand carving tool kit

The Deluxe Bundle

Includes all 6 custom tools, modified pastry knife, tapered pastry knife, pointed trowel, corded blowtube, floozy and sandy feet's book - Sandcastles Made Simple/plus whatever useful case, pointy thing, brush, etc. we might have laying around at the moment...
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New! Bare Bones Basic Bundle

Includes all 6 custom tools, squared-off pastry knife and 20-page "Take Me To The Beach" beginner booklet -- more info

The Tri-Baby Bundle

Ideal beginner set includes a small tri-tool - perfect for small-scale carving, a modified pastry knife, corded blowtube, floozy and the 20-page "Take Me To The Beach" beginner booklet
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tri-tool sand carving tool kit


A Willysphere does only one thing -- but it does it extremely well and with no special skills or training. Want to make a sandy snowman? Christmas tree ornaments? A field of bubbles? A perfect pair of fake boobs? -- this is the tool you need!
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Set of 4.... $45.00

see photos of the SoB Tools in action - here!

column tool in action

I doubt you will remember this, but I emailed you about 8 years ago because you had put up a website on sand castle building. I ordered a set of tools and was hooked! I just went back on the site and ordered some replacement tools and some new stuff as well. My old set of tools had some damage... I think that the salt water gets into the top of where the exacto thing screws in and corrodes the tip, causing some pieces to break off. I'm not complaining, after 8+ years of use, they have done pretty well!! Thought you might want to know what happens to the tools.

Anyway, I wanted you to know how much pleasure I have gotten over all these years using the tools, the tips, and the book that you provided! I have also spawned a whole group of interested kids at various Caribbean resorts. I keep trying to come up with a way to have work take me to South Padre to take a class, and maybe someday I will.
Thanks!!! -- Ted

Hey Ted -- As you may have suspected, I know very well what happens to them with heavy usage - the ones in my sand castle lesson bag have a shelf life of about two seasons. One easy trick that I have found that does help extend their useful life is to wrap a piece of electrical tape around the nurl (probably misspelled) - the aluminum bit just below the business end. Stop back soon because the new set we are about to introduce will last 1000 years and turn into something good to eat!!!
Thanks for writing -- it is really nice to hear about the ripple effect the love of sand sculpting can create. I am quite sure the world is a (at least slightly) better place for it :) - sf

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