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Sand Carving Tools - Deluxe Set


  • sandy feet's book
  • 2 pastry knives (square & tapered)
  • corded blow tube
  • pointed trowel
  • floozy
  • all six custom tools

Everything you need to carve fabulous sand sculptures! Includes:

• One squared-off pastry knife

• One tapered pastry knife (good for organic shapes)

• All 6 custom tools

• a corded blow tube (for blowing sand from cracks and crevices)

• pointed trowel for larger-scale carving

• floozy (duster) to give carved surfaces a smooth finish

Bundled with sandy feet's book - Sandcastles Made Simple (softcover) - and whatever else we might have laying around that we find useful and think you might, too (i.e. tool case, skewers, wax-carvers, etc.) When we find something we like that we can buy in bulk, we share them with our deluxe tool-set buyers.

Deluxe Set


Got a family of carvers? You will need more modified pastry knives to keep everyone happy! Our deluxe family version includes all the above plus 3 additional modified pastry knives - just


    see photos of the SoB Tools in action - here!

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